This new collection of lights for MRM Objects focuses on juxtaposing  textured and polished surfaces together in mini-architectural forms. The physical light is functional but also a part of the sculptural aspect of the objects. The floor lamp takes cues from high-rise cantilevered buildings, while the table lamp expresses light and shadow in something of a more zoomed in architectural detail, and the wall sconce is an even closer, further reduced architectural detail, which allows it to be a part of the larger composition of the space it is designed into.

Studio Truly Truly

Studio Truly Truly

Truly Truly is a design studio operating from the Netherlands, founded by Australian designers Joel & Kate Booy. Website

Wove chair

Positioned on the interface between industry and art, the studio specialises in creating artistic products for the living environment.

Column Lights

Their work encompasses objects, furniture, lighting, textiles and spaces.

Fuse Cabinet