MRM is an idea that was sparked from a desire to instil a level of emotional expressionism into the furniture landscape. Homogenising the complexity of abstract painting with simplicity of minimalist sculpture.


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Drinks Cabinet 83



Coffee Table 80 - 1




Coffee Table 80 - 2




Console 230


Found Metal Objects


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MRM (Marcin Rusak Manufacture) is a new furniture brand focused on showcasing the painterly qualities of merging metals, with the aim to instil artistic expression into the industrial processes associated with this material. The collection adopts a metal spraying technique traditionally used for large scale industrial manufacture, and renders the process handmade, resulting in individually unique pieces. By applying metals such as bronze, brass, copper, zinc and aluminium to pieces as if they were three-dimensional canvases, a truly original aesthetic landscape is created; one of deep colours and rich tactile textures. The collection manifests in the form of sculptural furniture and objects, capturing the expressive essence of working with liquefied metals. With pieces spanning from understated to statement, they are homogenising the complexity of abstract paintings with the simplicity of minimalist sculpture.

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